The Talk


So you've been diagnosed with cancer and you're probably freaking out. Now what?

Here's how you can TAKE CHARGE and start the conversation with your doctor.


It's time to start the conversation.


Hear from our experts on why you should have The Talk.

Fertility after Cancer: Teresa K. Woodruff Ph.D. at TEDxNorthwesternU

As a reproductive biologist and an internationally recognized expert in ovarian biology, Dr. Woodruff has spent the better part of her research career focusing on advancing our knowledge of women's health including fertility and reproductive health. She is the founder of the Oncofertility Consortium, which has brought global awareness to the unmet fertility management needs of young cancer patients and survivors.


When you don't have
The Talk.

Sarah did not get a chance to have The Talk, listen to her story and her struggles with fertility post-cancer treatment. When possible, at-risk patients should see a fertility preservation specialist prior to starting cancer treatment. By having The Talk early, you can Take Charge and know your options. So start the conversation NOW!


Our Community Talks

Lauren's Story

"It has been four years since being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I can't even imagine having missed out on all of this beautiful life.”
- Lauren Turner, Cancer Survivor, Mother & Hero

Ian's Story

“Kinda like Homer Simpson, I have been exposed to too much radiation.”
- Ian, Take Charge Hero

David's Story

Yesemi's Story


Keep Having the Talk

Even in post treatment, continue to discuss or do fertility testing. Continued fertility testing could include semen analysis for men who may be able to know more concretely than women their fertility status.

For women, there are different tests that can help determine their fertility status.

Also, everyone can still opt for fertility preservation after treatment so keep the talk going!

There are options for everyone no matter what you choose and how you define your needs.